SpookyCash Sales Tools
Sign up to promote all of our sites and get paid no matter which one your surfers join! With our special tracking software, if you send a surfer to any one of our sites, you will get paid if that surfer joins any other one of our sites -- even if they join on a different day. Now with new improved leak-free tours! You even get paid for exit pop signups!

Hosted Galleries
A hosted gallery is a free picture page which you can link to in order to earn more affiliate dollars. Basically, you tell your surfers to click a link to a free gallery to see free pictures. The link takes your surfer to a page hosted by Spooky Cash which includes free pictures. When the surfer you had click on the link joins a Spooky Cash site, then you get paid! If you run a TGP or an E/N site, then you probably already know and love hosted galleries in general. And you will really really love these.

These galleries make it so your surfers just can't resist joining Spooky Cash sites. You can link to the following free galleries to give your surfers content they will enjoy which is just a click away from making you money when they join. Your referrer ID is automatically carried along from your link through the gallery to the GothicSluts.com, BarelyEvil.com, RubberDollies.com, Fatal-Beauties.com, Scar13.com, EroticBPM.net, MissBunny.com or Szandora.com sign-up page. And we cover the bandwidth costs for you!

Hosted Freesites
Blue Blood's SpookyCash has recently added our first three free hosted sites for affiliates to link to. You link to these mini promo sites and get paid for any SpookyCash site joined after your traffic visits them. Hosted free sites are especially helpful for webmasters who run linklists, but an extra money-making link is always good no matter what sort of site you run.

Pictures of the Day (POTD)
Would you like to have a thumbnail on your site which links to a new picture of the day every day? By linking to a page with an image which changes daily, you give your surfers extra content to enjoy and your surfers will be given the option to join each of Blue Blood's sites. When they see how much they like the photo, they will be more motivated to sign up and whichever Blue Blood site they join, you get paid! There are no leaks and affiliates get credit for all exit traffic. The newest site in the Spooky Cash suite now has a free POTD for you to link to.

Hosted TGPs
Fully hosted affiliate TGPs are not only great for direct text link traffic, they are also perfect for including in your traffic trade lists and/or TGP skim. All links from the hosted TGPs are coded to give you credit for sales. Even bookmarks keep your affiliate codes so return visits still equal sales! Our hosted TGPs refresh regularly with the best in niche, gothic, latex, punk, and alt galleries.

Hosted Spooky Blog
The SpookyCash hosted affiliate blog SpookyBlog site is truly a next generation sales tool. We not only crafted the entire blog to act as a hosted affiliate sales tool, putting your SpookyCash ref code in every link and every story, but we've also custom coded the underlying RSS feed to maintain and propagate your specific affiliate code as well. That means you can use RSS feed technology to serve the SpookyBlog content on your own sites while maintaining your SpookyCash affiliate sales ref codes! Bookmarkers and personal blog aggregation tools even keep your code in place!

The SpookyBlog itself features frequent entertaining updates, with news about each and every one of the SpookyCash sites, interviews and profiles of our unique talent, hot sample photos, fun adventure stories and sexy anecdotes from our great girls, and much much more. Now you can really get your visitors interested and involved with all the great stuff we have going on. Mixing up the content really works well to keep people entertained and interested in buying full memberships. The SpookyBlog covers lots of stuff from our sexy subcultural megasites BarelyEvil, GothicSluts, EroticBPM, and RubberDollies, along with fun news, interviews and sneak peeks from our great single girl sites Scar13, MissBunny, and more.