SpookyCash Terms FAQ
Question: How much do I get paid?

Answer: SpookyCash is a 50/50 revshare program. This means SpookyCash gives you 50% of what a new member you refer spends on a membership, plus you get 50% of the membership on every month that member you referred stays a member. Some members retain for years. Send traffic to SpookyCash for a while and your checks increase exponentially because of the great retention.

Q: Does SpookyCash also pay for referring other webmasters to the program?

A: SpookyCash sure does. You earn 5% of everything a webmaster you refer earns.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: You get paid every single week net fourteen e.g. you get paid weekly for the pay period two weeks back.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Whether you choose to promote SpookyCash via CCBill or Epoch, you can choose to be paid with either a check or a wire transfer. The minimum for CCBill affiliates to get their payout is only $20 of earnings and the CCBill fee for check mailing is 44 cents and for wire transfer is $15 domestic and $30 international. The minimum for Epoch affiliates to get their payout is only $50 of earnings and the Epoch fee for check mailing is $2 and for wire transfer is $30 domestic and $30 international. Note: Although SpookyCash paid affiliates out of our own pocket when the Globill thing happened, in the unlikely event that Epoch or CCBill is unable to pay, then no payments will be due to partners from SpookyCash. Check this page from time to time for any modifications to our terms of participation, but, as both Epoch and CCBill have been providing billing services for more than a decade, we think it is safe to say that these are companies with secure futures.

Q: Can I get one of those cool SpookyCash T-shirts?

A: We would love to send you a free SpookyCash T-shirt. All you have to do to get one is sign up for SpookyCash, put up some correctly coded links to the sites, and use the contact form to send us your affiliate ID, mailing address, and a domain you own with SpookyCash affiliate links on it. Just tell us if you want your free SpookyCash T-shirt in L or XL.

Q: How will I know when there are new galleries, new sites, or new tools available to promote with?

A: It is best to check SpookyCash.com regularly to see all of the newest tools SpookyCash provides for affiliates. You won't find the tools in the CCBill or Epoch admins, so be sure to come to the right place i.e. SpookyCash.com. The RSS feeds for galleries can also be helpful for having up-to-the-minute promo materials. Additionally, unless you ask us not to, SpookyCash will email you from time to time to let you know about news, including new rewards, new hosted galleries, partner content, and sites for you to promote.

Q: Will SpookyCash trade traffic and joins with my similar goth, photography, fetish, art, or alt program?

A: Probably. Please send some traffic to show what you can do and hit Amelia G up via the contact form to pitch your trade.

Q: Why does SpookyCash offer so many hosted tools, like the hosted blog, affiliate coded RSS, hosted galleries, POTDs, hosted free sites, and even an entire hosted TGP?

A: SpookyCash affiliates asked for special things and we always try to go the extra mile for our affiliates. Also, the privacy and safety of our talent is very important to us and hosted tools can save you the bother of 2257 record-keeping.

Q: What if I have a suggestion for a tool SpookyCash should offer or I need a special banner size or some other specific material for promotion?

Please get in touch using the contact us form and let us know what you would like and we will always try to accommodate.

Q: Does SpookyCash offer special epass payouts?

A: Yes, but, due to the administrative work required to do this, special epass arrangements can only be made for affiliates sending 30 or more joins per month.

Q: Does SpookyCash offer special Zombaio payouts?

A: Yes, you can contact us to send to Zombaio tours, but Zombaio payout affiliates will not be able to use any of SpookyCash's high end sales tools or even FHGs, as these are all coded for CCBill and Epoch.

Q: Does SpookyCash accept traffic from sites like Twitter, MySpace, etc.?

A: So long as you don't have problems with another site's terms of service, you may put links on any site which will facilitate real live human beings clicking on your affiliate links because they want to.

Q: Does SpookyCash accept spam traffic?

A: This shouldn't even need to be said, but, as most program FAQs point it out: No, please do not spam. You are welcome to include promotions for Spooky Cash sites in your opt-in newsletters or Yahoo groups or similar e-mail systems, but you absolutely may not send unsolicited e-mail promotions as this is obnoxious and unlikely to get you anything as Spooky Cash will immediately cut you off.

Q: Is there any other kind of traffic SpookyCash will not accept?

A: If your site is all stolen content, you may not participate. If your site displays obviously underage models, we will definitely delete your account and probably report you. Basically, if you are breaking the law or doing anything which in any way shape or form might reflect badly on SpookyCash or Blue Blood or any of our sites through your participation in this program, then you may not participate.

Q: Can I say whatever it takes to promote SpookyCash sites?

A: No, you may not make any inaccurate representations about SpookyCash sites, content, or talent. In particular, you may not speak disparagingly of SpookyCash talent or claim they do things they do not. Honesty is the best policy and a rebilling member is one who joined based on accurate representations.

Q: Can I use content and banners from SpookyCash sites to promote sites in other programs?

A: Again, this shouldn't even need to be said, but, as most program FAQs point it out: No, please do not try to sell non-SpookyCash products with SpookyCash site content. Signing up for the SpookyCash program constitutes agreement that you will not do this and you will accept owing statutory copyright infringement damages, whether or not an image is copyrighted, if caught doing so.

Q: Can I get one of those cool Blue Blood hoodies?

A: We would love to send you a free Blue Blood hoodie. All you have to do to get one is sign up for SpookyCash, send 30 joins to any assortment of SpookyCash sites, and use the contact form to send us your affiliate ID and mailing address. You can also mail us your awesome swag to Blue Blood, 8033 Sunset Blvd #4500, West Hollywood CA 90046 and we might trade ya ;-)